Gorman Pipeline Inc. – For all your digging needs

Our range of digging and pipeline services

House Traps

Replace old clay house trap and pipe and install new cast iron house trap and pipe on sidewalk.  Pipes are usually infultrated with roots from trees or broken from earth movement.

Side Sewers

Install new side sewer which are probably blocked with roots from trees or just broken from earth movement.

Storm Lines

Install catch basin on street for rain water run off and connect it to main line sewer.

Water Lines

Main waterlines and house services

Electrical, Telephone and Cable Conduits

Install new PVC pipe for new services and upgrades.

Electrical Vaults

Install new Electrical Vaults and communication boxes, pull boxes for new services or upgrades.

Street Improvements

New sidewalk and / or street upgrades / paving / concrete


For all your digging needs.

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